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The creafon® principle can also be used on the iPad. One first product is based on the music of Camille Saint-SaŽns' “Carnival of the Animals”. It offers an interactive way of applying creafon®. Several other products are coming soon.

Looking for the name CARNAVAL in the Apple App store the app can be downloaded from September 2011 on.
The final price is not published yet.

The Carnival as a Means of Cross-Linguistic Communication

Camille Saint-SaŽns' “Carnival of the Animals” as an interactive story book with an interplay of music, language(s) and pictures as well as easy tactile-acoustic audio tracks.

A talking picture book with fantastic new illustrations, interlaced with numerous animated graphics and interactive elements. A fun and playful learning platform for both children and adults.

  • Compose your own music...
  • Make the elephant dance!
  • Choose the language you would like to learn...
  • Feed the poor raven...
  • Play with the instruments...
  • Listen to the story in Finnish...
  • You understand more languages than you think - have a try...
  • Let the orchestra play backwards...
  • Improvise with the sounds of foreign languages...

Experience “Carnival of the Animals”based on Camille Saint-SaŽns' colourful music. Be caught in the spell of the wonderful story of a bored lion and the wild animals who want to have a terrific party.

The Reader Becomes a Player

With the inclusion of “creafon” sound tracks, the reader becomes both the conductor of an orchestra and a player through simple acoustic information. The texts and the bar-code-like audio information can produce sound through the touch of a finger.

Each chapter is based on a scene from Camille Saint-SaŽns' “Carnival of the Animals”. The small conductor bug pictured on each page plays the whole piece. The interactive sound and text tracks, along with other vocal elements and auditive additions, engage in a playful, exploratory way to listen and create on one's own.

“We Understand More Languages Than We Think Of“

This application takes the current findings on language learning research (e.g. EU-Project Euro-Com) into consideration and fosters the discovery of relationships between languages (intercomprehension). At the same time, additional sources of information such as pictures, music and sounds, aid comprehension as well. The following languages are currently integrated: German, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Catalan, Rumanian and Spanish.

This multi-media, multi-sensual, and multi-lingual product should contribute primarily to better understanding between people in different language areas as well as sensitize them to the variety of communication around them. An adaptation for other European and eventually non-European languages and dialects as well as the positioning of “Apps” within Europe should be made possible through the expansion of this first product.


Camille Saint-SaŽns' “Carnival of the Animals”, interpreted by the Festival Orchestra of Basel under the direction of Thomas Herzog.


Stephan BrŁlhart (pictures and animation)
Markus Cslovjecsek (sound and sound track)
Achim LŁck (text)

A cstools GmbH production:


Ein «Karneval» zum Experimentieren

An interesting report (D) in the newspaper “Der Sonntag”.

creafon app's

Experience the "Carnival of the Animals", based on the music written by Saint-SaŽns. Fun for children as well as for adults!

Broadcast Radiofeature of Peter Jaeggi:
DRS2 aktuell

Would you like to experience different sounds and noises? Peter Jaeggi is moderating a radio braodcast about the world of senses at RŁttihubelbad.

creafon® in SENSORIUM in RŁttihubelbad

Since March 29, 2010 creafon® can be experienced in different forms at an exhibition in SENSORIUM im RŁttihubelbad.

Registration in SENSORIUM

Enjoy experimenting with the exiting wooden and metalic models!

creafon® now attains the US patent!